How Do You Like Your Kitchen

by augustine

Kitchens are usually the hub of the house, it is where you prepare, cook, and sometimes eat. Therefore, it is very important to make the kitchen has lively and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Over time, it’s possible that your kitchen space starts looking smaller, cramped, and cooking there becomes stressful.
Below are few tips and tricks you can use to light up your space.
1. Walls and ceiling
If your kitchen feels or looks small, you can paint the walls in light shades to make it look more spacious. Dark colors tend to give a depth that closes off spaces making them look small and tight. Try painting the ceiling first and see the difference.
2. Cabinet and drawers
Yes, you can totally revitalize your space by repainting your kitchen drawers and cabinets and good thing is it’s something you can do yourself. Get bright colored paints and use it to give your cabinets a brand new look.
3. Drawings and paintings
Another thing you can do is get very colorful pictures and hang them on the walls. It could be pictures of flowers, ingredients or whatever appeals to your sense of beauty. It works wonders and changes the whole outlook
4. Lightning
Personally, lightning is huge for me. Modify the lightning of your kitchen and make it as bright as you want it. Good lightning rids your space of any dull feeling and if you are the type that loves to take pictures of your dishes, you should definitely step it up with the lights.
5. Air
No one likes to cook in choky spaces. Air out your kitchen space as much as you can. I prefer natural air personally. You can open up your curtains and windows and let fresh air in. This would definitely improve the mood.
6. Music
Yes to good music always! You can get a portable music player for your kitchen and groove to good music while you cook. It makes the whole process less stressful and gives you a lively feeling in the kitchen.
You can get creative as much as you like in your kitchen, get rid of things you don’t need, bring in new things that you like and want. Have fun while you cook.

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